Thursday, March 20, 2008

Organic Health vs Health

Health is the most important for any one. You can not do with out it. What we waste money on
is what we could use to help our self. People fail to see that. Some may feel the doctor going do it all for them. They do not tell you eveything. Somethings they should tell you but do not. To have good health we must seek it out. Find others to help us. Looking up things and keeping up with the times.

As I have said befor we live in a pill poping society.It not getting any better. The tv is flooded
with ads about durgs or where should go if your sick. Most of these are useless. Its bad enough
they lie to about how well these things will work for us.

See Doctors will tell every thing they want you know. Wheres the Alternative Health at?
It would be nice to have that choice. All the choices for good health should be there for universal Healthcare or Healthcare. It is a must.

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