Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Drug War or not?

So long has it been going on. It understadable that mothers and fathers want keep therekids self thats fine and dandy but do not be fooled. Drugs are everywhere. Thats just how it is. Oh I do not just mean the bad ones. I am talking the ones we use everyday.People are misusing drugs all the time.Look at the moive stars and you tell me. I guess that why we have the FDA. there a joke somewhat. There just as bad as the dealers out there that sell to the kids and there families.How many have died a at hands of them. One can only wonder. For all we know they could behind durg war it self. Theres something to think about.Ah but it much deeper that that. The Pharmaceutical Companies,and Food Companies are playing this little game too. We can not leave out the Lobbyists,Charites, Foundations,Government Agencies and last but not least The Church and Secret Societies. Its all about Money and Power. I could also say peopleare the blame for all this.It would be best if they went on and legealize some of these drugs that people are killing each other over. It would take value down on it. Thats just what I think.

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