Thursday, March 20, 2008

Doma's benefits and inadequates for PS3

I can agree that this is a fine gaming system with losts of power
It has backward compatible. That means I play my PS2 games. Its has Blue-ray which means more space for games. Don't for get 1080p high definition gaming . thats the good stuff I am looking for. Whats even better is the web browsing is just like the PSP. One can also a connection to the PSP to enhance gameplay and theres controlle with motion-sensing. Thats all wireless there.

Now let look at down side. The price of the PS3 is now 499.Thats the 60GB model's new price. the 80GB model going on sale for $599 in the US and Canada in August. As a small bonus, the 80GB version will include a "free" copy of MotorStorm. I don't think thats fair. there should give you at least two games. for both. I smell rip off.

Did you know you have to buy something to play you PS1 games on your Ps3. what worse is that
not all of the games for ps1 will work. Don't take may world for it. Look it up.

But I not worring about playing Ps 1 games my self.

The price of the games could be better too. and they don't seem to have a lot for PS3.

This dose not mean its not ok get one. Your a person of free will. Get what you like and like
what you get. Make sure its what you want.

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